Men’s Health Screening

The Vantage Urologic Institute is pleased to announce the launch of our free Men’s Health Screening Program. Free screenings will be offered daily Monday through Saturday.

Our Men’s Health Screening Program will focus on male gender-specific issues such as prostate cancer, enlarged prostate (BPH), erectile dysfunction (ED), and low testosterone (Low T). The screening will also include health issues that may affect both genders but have a special impact on men, such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and obesity.

Getting the most out of life requires a commitment to attitudes that foster healthy lifestyle choices. While men and women have many of the same health concerns, men may be affected differently than women. In addition, there are some conditions which are unique to men. Familiarity with men’s health issues, regular screenings and prevention are keys to maintaining good physical wellness.

Candidates for Screening:

Men age 35 and older interested in taking a proactive approach to their health.

Screenings will Include:

  • Men’s health questionnaire
  • Genitourinary examination
  • Laboratory tests
    • Urinalysis
    • PSA
  • Physician consultation

Contact a Men’s Health Specialist

The skilled doctors at the Vantage Urologic Institute are leaders in Men’s Health. If you are interested in learning more about our free Men’s Health Screening Program, please call for an appointment today, (352) 861-2115.