Vantage Urologic Institute


Male Sexual Health & Wellness

The Vantage Urologic Institute offers comprehensive and innovative medical care for the treatment of male health issues including erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, Peyronie's disease, testosterone deficiency and sexual rehabilitation following prostate cancer surgery.  Sexual dysfunction is a very common problem that affects men of all ages, and can have an extremely negative impact on quality of life for men and their partners.  

Because erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of a more serious physical problem, it is extremely important for any man who has trouble achieving or maintaining an erection to see his physician.  Before initiating medical or surgical therapy, it is imperative to explore all aspects of a man's lifestyle that may be contributing to erectile dysfunction including physical exercise, weight, blood lipids (fats, cholesterol), smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, fatigue, and a busy schedule. Likewise, it is equally important to address potentially reversible causes of erectile dysfunction such as hormonal (testosterone) deficiency and medications that can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Given the large number of treatment options now available – with more on the way – virtually all men can be successfully treated, regardless of how long they have been sexually inactive.  At the Vantage Urologic Institute, we customize therapies for our patients based on individual medical conditions and personal preferences.  Treatment options are applied in a stepwise fashion with increasing invasiveness and risk balanced against the likelihood of success.

Oral medications: 
Oral medications are usually the first option doctors use to treat erectile dysfunction. Viagra and the related drugs Cialis and Levitra, are generally successful drugs for many men. These medications are taken by mouth, are usually less expensive, and can be used more discreetly and spontaneously than some other therapies.

Sex counseling and sex therapy: 
Counseling and therapy with a qualified counselor/psychologist can help the man and his partner identify, understand, and cope with their sexual concerns. Sex therapy also incorporates specific techniques to remove the stressful element from lovemaking, increasing sexual stimulation, and enabling the man to focus on sensual pleasure and intimacy.

Penile injection of alpostradil:
 Alpostradil, which is injected into the side of the penis, is very effective, safe, and reliable. Caverject, the first drug approved by the FDA as a treatment for impotence, relaxes the smooth muscles surrounding the penile arteries, causing them to dilate and permit an increased flow of blood. A related but generally less effective treatment, intraurethral therapy, works in much the same way, but men insert pellets of alpostradil into the urethra.

Vacuum erection devices: 
These devices offer a treatment option without the need for medication. The devices work by creating an artificial erection using vacuum suction on the penis itself. While the devices are well-tolerated they may not offer the same benefits of other therapies in terms of spontaneity and being discreet. These devices are a suitable option in select men such as those who cannot tolerate medications, do not respond to medical therapy, and/or are not interested in penile prosthesis.

Penile implants: Implants are highly reliable and allow a degree of spontaneity that makes them a very satisfactory option for men with erectile dysfunction. Most insurance providers cover the cost of the procedure. The risk of surgical complications or subsequent infection or mechanical failure has decreased significantly through improvements in the implants in recent years. Overall, penile prosthesis surgery offers the highest satisfaction rates of any treatment for ED for both the patient and his partner.